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Sunday 3rd of July 2022
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Car Dealers

Like them or loath them, car dealers are an integral part of the motor trade and are a good source of quality used vehicles aswell as new cars and vans. The benefits of purchasing a vehicle from a car dealer over a private sale are extensive due to warranties providing support if something should go wrong with the vehicle.

Chosing the right dealer

It's a good idea to shop around and do your research into what different dealers have to offer. New and Used car prices can hugely vary between dealers and you could save yourself a pretty penny if you do your home work.

If you don't already know a trusted car dealer from previous experience it maybe be worth getting recommendations from friends and family. Another great resource is dealer reviews on the internet, unhappy customers are 11 times more likely write reviews about their experience than happy customers. You shouldn't have to look too far to find out if a car dealer has a bad reputation.